The foundations for WR Furnitech were laid down almost 30 years ago in Beijing where we were locally known as the masters of metal surface treatment. A decade of excellent service passed by and we decided to expand into the field of metal frame making, including high-end tube and sheet bending. Using the same ethos of quality production and superior service, it took us 10 years to become one of the best furniture frame and component suppliers in all of China. We had nearly 20 years of strong experience constructed beneath our company and WR Furnitech’s reputation was rising through the ranks as we served numerous famous, prestigious brands such as Hay, Gubi, Skovby and more.

When you are the architect, designer and manufacturer of a project it is important to be forward-thinking and take into consideration future applications or necessities. We think about our business in the same way because complacency and comfort-zones are killers for creators. Hence, WR Furnitech is always solidifying its skills and expertise before attempting to push boundaries, innovate and move the needle ahead one millimeter at a time.

That’s why in 2007, we decided to expand again and founded our wooden factory. This new arm of the business enabled us to focus on 2D/ 3D plywood bending. Now, by integrating our metal and wood manufacturing we can provide full production services including product design, development and mold making. The magic of WR Furnitech is in our versatility because we are able to provide multiple options such as; bent wood with solid wood, 3D veneers, upholstery and metal parts. There are unlimited shape possibilities for wooden furniture, so we strive to be your open-minded partner for whatever design desires you may have.

We produce a wide variety of furniture such as chairs, shells, seats, backs, tables, table legs, sofas and many more. The WR Furnitech team is driven and determined to transform an idea into reality through skill, experience and being respectful of every part of the development process. Every new product and each customer deserves a fully committed and experienced team to take the project from paper to real life.

WR Furnitech had a humble start to its story circa 3 decades ago but hard work, perfecting its profession and pushing the boundaries on design have made the brand not only a common household fixture but a well-respected name too. We employ over 150 people in our 24,000 square meter facility supplying precision sheet metal products, components and more. Our entire organisation is one big family all working together, in unison for a greater cause which we are all passionate about. Though we specialise in mass and serial production, our team is so flexible that we can manage smaller orders too. Our carefully recruited team consists of highly-qualified professionals who are trained to be reliable and ensure that WR Furnitech remains a valuable partner to our clients locally and overseas, in furniture, automotive and medical industries. The company is 100% committed to providing clients worldwide with outstanding manufacturing services and working intimately with customers to create not just loyalty but long-term friendships too.

This is the WR Furnitech story, carefully crafted and spun from nothing into something of substance, beauty and application. This is the WR Furnitech way.

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