HC 28.

HC28 is the second of our furniture brands which prides itself as one of China’s pioneering high-end modern furniture manufacturers. By implementing a unique blend of Eastern philosophy with Western lifestyle; the collection creates a cocktail of two cultures. The true design innovation and sheer creativity is spun from the West which is serviced by the pristine craftsmanship and religious attitude to refinement from the East. The result is something rarely witnessed in product design but HC28 has mastered it, which makes them leaders of timeless, modern pieces which ooze elegance.



Daisy designed to accommodate dinners and social gatherings around a dining table. The chair consists of five layers of high quality 3D veneer which can be plied into any direction and shape; adjusting and allowing for the posture of the person sitting on it. This level of support makes you feel like you are floating in the soft petals of a giant flower, hence the name ‘Daisy’ (Marguerite). Daisy received the iF gold award in Germany because she pushes forward the boundaries of 3D veneer technology.

The 3D form pressed seat has a monocoque structure and it is sturdy enough to carry the tremendous pair of wooden legs. In one version of this seat, we have pressed natural leather onto the inner side.

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